Data for Energy, Water, Renewable Energy and More

The Office of Federal Sustainability works with DOE, OMB, GSA and other agencies to streamline reporting requirements for statutes and executive orders. You can explore Federal energy and water consumption data, as well as see what types of renewable energy are being used. View a quick snapshot view of how Federal agencies are performing through the OMB Energy/Sustainability Scorecards, and then get a long-term view through Agencies' Strategic Sustainability Performance Plans.

January 14, 2017 Performance Contracting Challenge Update: The Federal government achieved over $4.4 billion in private financing for energy efficiency and security for Federal facilities, surpassing its December 2016 goal of $4 billion. Federal agencies have an additional $1.9 billion of projects in the pipeline. Learn more about energy performance contracting at the Department of Energy. This chart shows Federal government progress in energy performance contracting as of January 15, 2017.

See Agency Scorecards

See Federal agencies' annual scorecards on each agency's website. Visit the agency website you are interested in and search for their Scorecard.

Agencies are scored on seven categories, including energy intensity reductions, use of renewable energy, and reduction of potable water use.

Energy and Water Data

Visit the Department of Energy's Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) website to see interactive graphs, data tables for energy and water consumption by agency and government-wide, and more.

Visit FEMP's website.

See Agency Sustainability Plans

Each year, Principal Agencies develop, implement, and submit an integrated Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan (Plan). Agencies post their plans publicly.

Click here to access all agencies' plans. You can also use any search engine to find the Plans for any agency.