Initiatives include:


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Annual GreenGov Awards: The annual GreenGov Presidential Awards celebrate extraordinary achievement in the pursuit of Administration goals on federal sustainability. They honor federal civilian and military personnel, agency teams, agency projects and facilities, and agency programs that exemplify leading by example.

Annual GreenGov Symposium: The annual GreenGov Symposiums bring together senior Administration officials and Federal sustainability stakeholders to discuss strategies to increase energy efficiency and renewable sources of energy, green the government’s vehicle fleet, improve water management, and improve resiliency across the Federal Government.

OFS also hosts roundtables and meetings throughout the year to meet with stakeholders and develop new initiatives.

Agency Sustainability Planning and Performance

Mesquite III Solar Array in Arizona EPA Solar in Colorado The Federal government now has electric and hybrid vehicles
Images: 1) 14 Navy installations are receiving power from a solar facility in Arizona. The project is expected to save at least $90 million over the life of the contract. 2) Federal facilities, like the one pictured in Colorado, are getting solar panels and green roofs to help avoid operating costs. 3) The Federal government is deploying hybrid and electric vehicles to reduce maintenance costs and stabilize fuel costs.