Since the 1970s, various statutes, Executive Orders, Presidential Memoranda, and associated guidance documents have directed Federal environmental and sustainability priorities. E.O. 13693: Planning for Federal Sustainability for the Next Decade, established in 2015, is a comprehensive sustainability and energy policy that built upon previous Administration policy, including E.O. 13423: Strengthening Federal Environmental, Energy and Transportation Management (2007) and E.O. 13514, Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy, and Economic Performance (2009). Find more resources and information on FedCenter.

Executive Order

Relevant Statutes

Guidance and Reports

Additional Documents


Find information on how to reduce energy, water, and resource use at Federal facilities; procure sustainable products; reduce fuel use in Federal fleets; and more.


  • GSA’s Green Procurement Compilation provides access to comprehensive information on sustainable procurement requirements, tools, and best practices in one place. Visit to see a database of compliant products, learn about requirements, download the catalog, and find recommended language to include in contracts.
  • EPA’s Greener Products site and the Environmentally Preferable Program provide information on the standards, specifications, and labels that identify products to meet requirements and achieve sustainable acquisition goals.
  • USDA manages the BioPreferred purchasing program. Visit the site to learn about how the program began, its purpose, and designated products.
  • Learn about energy efficiency requirements for products through the EnergyStar program and DOE’s Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP).

Facilities, Energy and Water

  • FEMP provides information, guides, training, and other resources for Federal agencies on project financing, performance contracting, renewable energy deployment, energy efficiency, water efficiency, data centers, fleet, funding opportunities, and identifying designated energy efficient products.
  • GSA maintains the comprehensive and interactive Sustainable Facilities Tool, a gateway for trainings, case studies, and more on running buildings efficiently.


  • See FEMP’s resources for Federal agencies on fleet management, reducing petroleum, use of alternative fuel, acquisition of zero emission and fuel efficient vehicles, and reporting requirements here.
  • GSA maintains Federal purchasing and leasing information for vehicles. View training, contact experts, and learn about sustainable fleets here.
  • GSA also has the Federal Fleet Management System, which Federal agencies can deploy to maintain and report on their fleets.
  • Learn about Alternative Fuel Corridors from the Department of Transportation here.